We boast a wide range of services oriented to:

  • pharmacogenomics,  providing the technical expertise to help customers achieving their goals. Our support includes biochemical and biomolecular analysis, immunophenotypic characterization, training and consulting activities;
  • rare and multifactorial diseases, for the intervention on the individual whole-genome characterization through Illumina DNA sequencing;
  • characterization analysis based on human primary cell lines, which include drug molecules validation on human cell lines;
  • cytogenetics tests intended for research institutes, laboratories and PMI.

Phenotypic characterization

We have many years of expertise in the field of pre-clinical biomedical research on mouse and rat animal models, particularly related to neuromuscular disorders. Ystem laboratory is equipped with a cryostat for cutting histological sections which are used for all the colorimetric, immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry assays.

We offer the evaluation of the following parameters:

  • phenotypic cell markers;
  • protein expression of specific antigens through immunohistochemical and immunofluorescence assays on histological sections;
  • isolation of single cell or single myofibers by microdissection analysis.

Cell testing

Ystem proposes different types of cells in order to perform viability and toxicity analysis for new compounds’ evaluation or the screening of possible drug interactions.

Fitting with specific requirements, we offer the following tests:

  • cell lines, for preliminary and more reproducible data;
  • primary cells, for the evaluation of different compounds effects on a specific population (similar to the effective target);
  • stem cells, for analysis on a rare human cell population, involved in the regenerative process within a specific tissue compartment.

Whole genome

In collaboration with a network of spin-off, Ystem offers services for expression and analysis on the entire genome or targeted genes, according to customers needs, as well as data analysis. In particular, Ystem provides the following services:

  • genotyping and genome wide analysis;
  • gene expression studies and trascriptomics;
  • sequencing;
  • biostatics and bioinformatics;
  • epigenetics;
  • pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics.